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Sound and light systems for all occasions!

Large stock available of equipment for sale, email only to grab yourself a bargain. When they're gone they're gone.

PA and sound systems

From small systems to large systems, 1k - 18k

Our sound systems can be tailored to any size venue, and we can do all the setup, sound checking, mixing and management throughout your event. Give us a ring and we can discuss your requirements for the occasion or venue.

All our PA systems come with our sound engineer, for smaller systems this may only require us to set up and get out, for larger PA work our sound engineer will be there for the complete duration of the hire equipment. We can provide high-quality microphones for announcements, vocals or indeed mic-ing up an entire band.

From 6-channel mixer/amplifier to Alan and Heath GLD-80 48-channel mixing desk.

From 400w speakers to 16kw QSC PA Systems

Please note: some of the sound equipment is NOT available for dry hire.

Our 12-channel mixing desk
12-channel Mackie Desk
One of our mixing desks
Soundcraft 12-channel Desk
   Our 24-channel Allen & Heath mixing desk
24-channel Allen & Heath mixing desk
   GLD80 Sound Desk
GLD80 Sound Desk
Microphone set
Shure Radio Microphones
Microphone kit
A Selection of our Microphones
Microphone SetMicrophone Set
Drum Kit Microphones
Crown MicrophoneCrown Microphone
Crown Float Microphones
QSC SpeakerQSC SpeakerQSC Subwoofer
QSC - 12", 15" and 18" Speakers
Stage Monitors
12" and 15" Stage Monitors
Part of the System 3 speaker systems
Peavey P.A.
Our System 1 speaker system
Mixer/Amp System
Part of our System 2 speaker systems
P.A. System

A Selection of our Sound Equipment Available

  • 16k QSC PA System
  • Peavey PA Speakers
  • Peavey Amps
  • 12 inch and 15inch Stage Monitors
  • Allan & Heath GLD-80 Digital 48 Channel Mixing Touring Desk
  • Allan & Heath 24 Channel Analogue Touring Mixing Desk
  • Soundcraft 12 Channel Mixing Desk
  • 2 Way Radios
  • Shure Beta 58 Wireless Microphones
  • Shure SM58, SM57 and Beta 58 Microphones
  • Shure Drum Kit Set Microphones
  • AKG Drum Kit Set Microphones
  • Crown Float Microphones
  • Stands
  • Multicores / Cat5 cables
  • All Leads and Cables
  • Tecpro/Cams, Beltpack
  • DJ Station - 2 CDs, iPod Station, Input for Laptops